Philanthropist, ex Chairman of Afrika Tikkun and CEO of PGSI

Toby Shenker brought my history to life with much passion and assiduous attention to chronology and detail.  In my view, she has a unique ability to capture my voice and manner with authenticity and without grandiosity.  Over the years that we worked closely together on this project, she transcribed and edited my story with infinite patience, warmth and good humour and in the process, became a special friend to my family and me.

Ex Mayor & Mayoress of Sandton & ex Head of Anglo American Properties
Toby has competently assisted us in composing both of our memoirs with patience and humour. Her experience and insight was invaluable, and we enjoyed many good spirited semantic discussions. Thank you for your endless patience, perseverance and your invaluable direction and advice. You were a joy to work with!

Director, Investec Asset Management
Thank you for all your efforts with getting this project completed. The end result is magnificent and exactly what I wanted to achieve.

Ex CEO Auction Alliance
Working with Toby was an enormous delight. She is professional, attentive and understands how to translate information into world-class storytelling.

Ex MD, Market Toyota, Cape Town
I’d like to express my gratitude to Toby for her hard work and attention to detail with compiling my memoirs: “Reeling and Dealing – Barney Sank casts back.” I enjoyed reflecting on people and events from days long past, and paging through time-faded photographs and documents. Thank you for interviewing my family, friends and past staff members of Market Toyota, updating the family tree and jogging my memory – while keeping to a realistic time frame. You’ve turned my thoughts and memories into a wonderful keepsake!

Sought refuge from Nazi Germany, 1938
Your tireless attention to detail and background research has created a lasting memento of my life. It was a wonderful idea to scribe all the events before my memories grow dim.

Berzack Brothers family
Without Toby’s input and excellent way with words, this book would not have been produced.

Ex MD, Diamond Discount Liquor Store
It was a pleasure to work with someone as talented, professional, patient and reliable as Toby. The book was attractively printed and bound and has been sent to our family around the world. Hopefully, this family heirloom will grow in importance and value to our children and to future unborn generations who will have a living memory of the life of Ellen Sternberg.

Respected community man and entrepreneur
Toby’s persistence and diligent drive through the process created the most incredible journey for my father and it gave him the opportunity to relive his life through the experience. You’ve facilitated the creation of a living document that will be cherished by the family for generations to come, not to mention the pleasure you brought to my father, all the immediate family and scores of colleagues and friends.

Intrepid traveller
I appreciate all your input in creating a beautiful pictorial book of my numerous journeys across the world. By accessing suitable pictures and doing the necessary background research, you’ve brought my story to life. I enjoyed every moment of the process and it has enabled me to re-live and capture a lifetime of wonderful memories and adventures. It was a pleasure to work with you!

Recipient of Bertie Lubner’s memoir
The wisdom and insights contained in this gem of a book generated new levels of appreciation for Bertie’s wit, courage and gritty determination to stay true to his values and always “do the right thing”. I was utterly charmed by the easy manner in which you introduced every family member into his story, no matter the circumstances. This precious memento will stand proudly on my bookshelf along with the biographies of other “greats”: Madiba, Smuts, Gandhi, Giuliani, Jobs, Gates, Rupert et al.