‘Tell Your Story’  will facilitate the recollection process by asking you, your colleagues, employees and clients pertinent questions over a series of tape recorded interviews. These tapes are transcribed and re-worded where applicable, to read accurately and professionally. Depending on your brief, we’ll potentially incorporate the following content that will be woven into the fabric of your narrative:

  • How the company started – trading in the early days
  • Establishing your unique point of difference
  • Significant appointments, key role players and memorable characters of yesteryear
  • Strategic decisions, deals and major acquisitions
  • How you overcame challenges and hurdles
  • Role in the South African and/or international marketplace
  • The socio-economic / political context in which events unfolded
  • Good times / bad times, best and worst decisions
  • The changing face of the industry, expanding horizons
  • Important lessons learned with the wisdom of hindsight and your vision of the future.

The book may be written over a series of weeks or months, depending on your time constraints, complexity of your brief, richness of detail and length of your story.

Photos and documents:
These will bring your history to life. I’ll help you to examine press clippings, advertisements and other historic documents to extract relevant information and select suitable items for scanning and inclusion. My professional design and layout artist will creatively juxtapose these images with your articulately worded text.

As every project is unique, I encourage you to contact me for more information, as this is best discussed in person. The cost will vary considerably from client to client, depending on the level of detail and scope of your narrative, the number of interviews required, accessibility of information and depth of background research.

By working closely with you and your associates, we’ll create an important coffee table book which reads beautifully and flows logically, chapter by chapter. Besides making for a pleasurable read, it will also function as an impressive marketing tool.

Everyone connected with your organisation has a story to tell – and so do you.
Research has shown that exchanging stories is a means to encouraging ongoing communication and unlocking potential.
There is no better time than now to kickstart this exciting process!