In the course of recollecting the past, ‘Tell Your Story’ will facilitate the reflection process by jogging your memory with pertinent questions over a series of tape recorded interviews. The memoir writing exercise is a mentally stimulating and engaging process, which previous clients have found most enjoyable and rewarding. These tapes are then transcribed and edited where applicable, to ensure that the book reads beautifully and flows logically, as we progress through your narrative chapter by chapter.

Interviews and Research:
Depending on the nature of your history and your requirements, the project may involve interviewing your family, friends and colleagues for their input. Should you wish, I will undertake any background research required to enhance the reader’s depth of understanding of the political or socio-economic context in which events unfolded.

Your memoir may be written over a series of weeks or months, depending on your time constraints, complexity of your brief, richness of detail and length of your story.

Photos and Documents:
These will assist in bringing your history to life. I welcome the opportunity to examine press clippings and other historic documents to extract relevant information and select suitable photographs for scanning. My layout artist will creatively juxtapose these images with the articulately worded text. We will work closely with you to solicit your input throughout.

This varies considerably from client to client, depending on the scope of your history. As your story is unique, I encourage you to contact me for more information, as cost is best discussed in person.

Layout and Printing:
Upon receipt of your approval of the final content, I will obtain quotes for layout and printing your specified number of copies.

Besides making for a wonderful gift, your memoir will become a historic family legacy and create a meaningful link from generation to generation.
Your descendants will thank you, learn from your vast experiences and know you.